Puff Embroidery


Puff embroidery uses an underlying foam material, which raises a design up allowing for the three dimensional feel. By using foam with Puff embroidery sample.varying color and widths, it allows us to sew with varying stitch colors and materials. We also double the 3D thread count to ensure the 3D foam does not become exposed or seen through the thread material.

Large round or block shaped lettering works very well with 3D puff machine embroidery. When creating artwork for puff embroidery, please choose fonts with rounded corners, if possible. This will allow the stitching needle to perforate your custom design corners and completely cover the foam, which gives your design pizzazz.

Materials that work better for this 3D method are bags, thicker jackets and hats, because they typically are only washed occasionally. Make your apparel and your logo stand out in the crowd by employing our 3D puff embroidery techniques.

Friday's Apparel screen printing and embroidery uses the industry's newest embroidering methods. We are constantly seeking ground-breaking ways to meet our customer's needs.