Embroidery Techniques

Step-Satin Stitch Embroidery

An example of step-satin stitch embroidery

The step-satin stitch is very useful for creating a large design of 3 inches or more. Step satin is made up of small stitches that fill a larger area, where satin stitches use one stitch to cover the entire area. When step satin stitch is used on larger designs or letters, it reduces the possibility of snags and prevents your design from being vulnerable to everyday wear. 

Embroidered letters and numbers can use either stitch technique to produce beautiful custom embroidered apparel.


Satin Stitch Embroidery

An example of satin stitch embroidery

Satin stitch embroidery received its moniker from its sheen catching light resulting in a soft reflection, akin to satin itself. Satin stitches are often used on two-inch-height lettering or smaller. This satin stitch uses a much lower thread count overall and is utilized with uncomplicated stitching designs giving a smooth glossy satin feel.

This satin embroidered stitch is our customary stitch used at Friday's Apparel. Please review our Custom Embroidery Design Samples web page if you would like to see embroidery stitching examples or if you prefer, our Art Approval Directory.